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Girl on horse with ribbons at horse show

County Shows

The Bridges Equestrian Show Team participates in the OCHSA County Shows at Sycamore Trails. These shows are a fantastic way to show off your skills in the show ring and have divisions for almost every level of rider.


If you are riding a BRIDGES HORSE these amounts include horse rental, coaching, and show prep*. This fee must be paid prior to two weeks before the show. Registrations made within two weeks of the show will incur a $50 late registration fee.

Per Day: Not Monthly Member: $350

Per Day: Monthly Member: $275

Per Day: Leased Bridges Horse: $200

Per Day: Owned or Privately Leased Horse: $150

Show entry fees of $150 – $250 per day are separate, paid directly to the show office. If you forget to pay and we have to pay for you, there will be a $25 plus 10% service charge to cover the service fees, and we will charge your card on file.

Open division riders are responsible for cleaning their own tack. BRIDGES will clean your tack for an additional $25, but we need to know prior to the Thursday before the show.


Reservations for the show will be taken up until 2 weeks prior to the show, with first come first served for horse reservations. The Bridges fee must be paid up front as a deposit on the show. This will also insure you preferential assignment of the horse for THE ONE WEEK PRIOR to the show for practice lessons.

There will be a $50 late fee for registrations made within 2 weeks of the show.

Cancellation Policy

Up till 15 days before the show date: Credit to your BRIDGES Account.

Within 15 days of the show: No refunds or credits.


Leadline – For our smallest riders, a trainer helps control the horse. A great way to get your feet wet in the show ring

Walk/Trot – Riders compete in 4 classes at the walk and trot. One class is a course over ground poles

Crossrails – Riders ride at the walk/trot/canter in flat classes and compete in classes over a course of crossrails.

Short/Long Stirrup – Riders compete at the walk/trot/canter in flat classes and ride in courses of fences up to 18″

Green Rider – Riders compete at the walk/trot/canter in flat classes and ride in courses of fences up to 2′.

How to Begin

1) Talk to your trainer about showing and what horses and division would be appropriate for you.

2) Email [email protected] to sign up. Please indicate your first 3 choices for horses.

3) Purchase the appropriate attire. Click HERE to see what you’ll need.

4) Warm-ups on Friday are an additional Rail Fee of $60, or you can use one of your lessons. It is strongly recommended that all riders showing over fences come for Friday Warm-Ups. Sign up separately for warm-up. *** Walk/Trot Division does NOT do warm ups ****

5) Show up on the morning of the show! You will probably be expected to be there between 6:30 and 7am. This will be confirmed in an email 1 week prior to the show.

6) Have fun!

First time show? Ask about our “First Show Clinic” for anyone interested in showing or those approaching their first show. Our Head Trainer, Kendra Bridges, will literally “walk” you through your first classes, answer all of your questions, like when to be there, what you’ll do, where to pay, even check out your shiny new clothes to make sure you’re looking as magnificent as you are riding! Contact [email protected] for more information on the next clinic.