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Girl Hugging Horse at Horse Camp

Horse Camp


Bridges horse camps are fun-filled-action-packed pure joy for your horse crazy girl or boy!

Our Horse Camp gets your child a full week of fun and learning with horses. They will learn about safety around horses, horse care, feeding, grooming, tacking and more!

Our Horse Camp gets your child a full week of fun and learning with horses. They will learn about safety around horses, horse care, feeding, grooming, tacking and more!

Camp is geared towards ages 8 to 14 with campers divided into groups by their age and experience level.

Half day Camp 8:30am – 12:30pm: $900 (Includes 1 lesson per day)

Full Day Camp 8:30am – 4:00 pm: $1200 (Includes 2 lessons on Monday, 1 lesson Tuesday – Friday)

When not riding, students will participate in horse care and clinics dealing with all aspects of horses and horsemanship.

Riding instruction is English style riding although we sometimes take a turn at a little Western, Bareback, and Dressage to give our students a well rounded education. We focus on equitation and creating effective riders.

We have over 20 experienced school horses and ponies and strive for that perfect connection between the horse and rider.

We do not offer lunch or snacks. Water will be available all day at camp, however all food/snacks must provided by students. No refrigeration is available but lunch bags will be stored in a cool, indoor location.

Boots and Helmets will be available to borrow, however they are not sterilized or cleaned between uses.

We will follow current CDC and California guidelines, and will require masks if they are currently mandated. No exceptions. If your child cannot wear a mask, and masks are mandated, they cannot participate. Most of our activities occur outside, so we will try our best to have them spaced out and able to unmask as much as possible. Students will not be required to wear a mask while riding the horse.

Camps are non-refundable 10 days from start date, unless we can get someone on from the waiting list. Camps are refundable with 10 days notice, less $100 cancellation fee.

Special medical needs or atypical riders must be addressed prior to enrollment. If we can manage it, we will, however we are not trained or equipped to manage atypical riders, or medical circumstances.

Half Day Week-Long Camp

$900 / Week

8:30am – 12:30pm

1 Full Riding Lesson/Day

Add on Afternoon of Horses

Full Day Week-Long Camp

$1,200 / Week

8:30am – 4:00pm

2 Full Riding Lessons Monday

1 Full Riding Lesson Tuesday – Friday

Afternoon of Horses

$75 – $150 / Day

12:30pm – 4:00pm

$150 – Monday (includes 2nd riding lesson)

$75 – Tuesday – Friday (no extra riding lesson)

Bridges Equestrian Horse Camps are SO MUCH FUN! Every camp includes the following:

45 minutes of mounted instruction EVERY DAY

Hours of hands-on unmounted instruction EVERY DAY

Stable tour and craft

Games – Mounted and Unmounted (Game Day every week!)

United States Pony Club Safety Standards


Learn safe handling and control of the horse both while mounted and unmounted.


Learn horse care, feeding, grooming, tacking, horse colors, markings, riding styles and breeds


Ride at the walk and trot with control and good form. Cantering included as appropriate.


Participate in horse games, activities and crafts with a fun group of horse loving campers like you!